Science Fact of the Day App Reviews

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Thumbs down

Repeats itself consistently. Does not work sometimes. Doesnt even have enough facts to get through one year!

Very Disappointed!!!

I bought this without looking at the reviews thinking it would be something fun to add to my classroom! So disappointed! It wont even open! Waste of my time and money! I really want my 99 cents back! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

Doesnt open

As above


it never loads on my phone! only app I have trouble with


This app needs an update...It always crashes, and doesnt even load...

needs update

Im a high school Chemistry teacher and was excited to present these facts each day, in fact, I dedicated a portion of my board to Science Fact of the Day. It has not loaded once in the past 5 students were looking forward to each fact, but...

Never works when you want it to

This app is a waste of 1 dollar. I was excited about purchasing this app and it just doesnt work. Please fix the bug that is doing this.

Used facts

Facts used in this app can be found in You can read all the facts word for word and you dont have to wait for a day to learn a new fact. Save your hard earned $0.99! :)

Not worth $0.99! I nominate this application for the top 10 worst of 2008.

I purchased this program for my 7 year old son, and was hugely disappointed. We thought it would be cool. Extremely simplistic (non-interactive), and daily updates often dont occur. I guess it depends on how the developer is feeling that day. The science facts are so obscure, that my son has also lost interest.

Not worthy...

It is only one fact per day and it does not work every day thus we may wait 48 hours for a new fact.

Anyone there?

No new fact in this app DOA or what? -------- UPDATED: App much more stable now, and I love the "random" feature from the new update.

Mildly amusing.

Somewhat interesting but not earth-shattering.

Never works

Ive had the app for two days and it hasnt worked once. Either quits for no reason or cant load a fact.


Why are all the facts just repeats?!! There is more than enough info to have 100 new facts a day! Please fix this!

Fair...not enough facts

The facts repeat way to much, there needs to be more facts added

need more facts

The facts are interesting, but there are waaaaaaay too many repeats... that is just laziness on the part of the developer.

Not too impressed.

The facts are interesting but there are only like 30 of them. They just keep repeating the same ones over and over.

Brain Tickle

I love checking out my Science Fact of the Day. Its interesting, concise, and reminds me the world is much bigger than my corporate cube.

Do Not Buy : Bad Start

Just got it and bang, 3/24 & 3/26 are the same fact. Hoping it was more than 5 facts for $0.99. The web site aint there. The write up says 100s of facts but more like 12. I get repeats often just doing Randoms.

Facts not kept current

Has not posted an update in over a year. The science facts recycle. One would wrongly assume the author would have kept updating the app.

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